Mac Attack Layer Dip Premium PD Recipe

We deconstructed the world’s most popular fast food sandwich and turned it into a plant-based party on a platter. Layered familiar flavors are perfect for introducing how delicious and fun a Protective Diet can be at your next gameday gathering. Two crumbled patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheeze, pickles, onions on a sesame seed pita chip!


  1. We love this recipe. It isnt hard, BUT make sure you dress your lettuce WELL, that makes it so good. I like to make it on the flatbread and eat it like a pizza. Once I used my banana peppers as I was out of pickles, still delicious.

  2. I haven’t had this for awhile, but it is so yummy! My blender is on the fritz, so I am grateful I have all of the ingredients at hand. Grateful for learning to SUS regularly! Great recipe, delicious on flatbread, pizza, or as a dip, and a wonderful recipe for a hot summer day! LOVE IT!

  3. I baked it on a whole wheat pita for a quick dinner. I also added some diced tomatoes because I thought there used to be tomatoes on a Big Mac but I don’t remember. For me I like tomatoes on my burger so maybe just a personal preference. Thank you Julie Marie for a spot on recipe!!

  4. The latest innovation from Julie Marie Christensen’s Protective Diet: Mac Attack Layer Dip. I’ve never eaten a big mac so I’m not sure what it tastes like but this was amazing. It did have a meaty taste and I can see how this is an ultimate comfort food. As always oil free, nut free, sugar free, food additive free, vegan. Can be made gluten free, my base was a whole wheat party pizza crust. PD changed my life. PD for life.

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