Mexican Mac n Cheeze Free PD Recipe

This reminds me of Velveeta Shells & Cheese with a kick. Super quick to prepare, this meal tastes like junk food but it’s loaded with the antioxidant power of pumpkin, citrus, chilies, and cilantro-filled with chlorophyll. That little leafy green isn’t just a garnishing flavor addition. It offers protection against DNA mutation by intercepting carcinogens. Don’t let this healthy description leave you thinking this recipe is lacking in comfort food appeal. It’s a classic favorite by many just starting off on the fast track to optimal heath with the application of a Protective Diet.

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  1. This was REALLY delicious! My husband couldn’t believe it was oil free! And this was surprisingly filling – I think because of the pumpkin. SO GOOD! I plan to make this regularly. 🙂

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