Mexican Sweet Corn Cakes Premium PD Recipe

Savory steam-baked corn cakes have the consistency of moist spoon bread. They are served as a side dish at Chevy’s Mexican Restaurant. Corn cake fans couldn’t live without them when Chi Chi’s Restaurant closed. Then a quick-mix packet sold in grocery stores became popular in home kitchens. After hearing one nostalgic corny story after the other, I recreated this fat-free plant-based corn pudding to make healthy food part of our evolution with Protective Diet. My goal is to keep food traditions alive, along with humans, animals, and our planet, for many generations to experience and celebrate together.

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  1. This is the first time I have ever heard of Sweet Corn Cakes and I am so glad we have this PD recipe. These cakes are delicious! You can taste the sweetness of the corn and just the right ingredients to make it savory. I can see these corn cakes added to many chilies and soups to make a Perfect Bite!

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