Mocha Valencia Scoops Free PD Recipe

In the late 1990’s Starbucks served the wildly popular Mocha Valencia—a chocolate orange flavored espresso. With this Protective Diet recipe remake and mindful storage technique we can make one batch to enjoy a microbiome-boosting protective frozen scoop every night of the week. This is Jerry and my current favorite feast finisher. Enjoy a scoop of this cold, creamy, chocolate mousse-like frozen dessert while you read about chlorogenic acid. This protective biologically active dietary polyphenol is found primarily in coffee, but also in lesser amounts in certain other plant species. Read about it and cacao’s amazing appetite-suppressing, microbe-building, neuro-enhancing, and cardio-protective benefits at the bottom of this recipe.

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  1. Total Success! Chocoholic Hubby and daughter warmly approve! ( We did not use the coffee granules) And it is so fast and easy to make, all you do is wait for your freezer! This will be a great treat this summer!

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