Mock “Tuna” Salad Free PD Recipe

This mock tuna salad was created to satisfy the health and environmentally conscious sandwich lover. Remove the toxic contaminates from your tuna sandwich and help save our over-fished seas. This recipe is sure to please with all the texture and flavor of traditional tuna salad without the fat, toxic fish and cholesterol.

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  1. Just tried this, my tastebuds are still adjusting. It doesn’t have a ‘tuna’ texture to me, but I really enjoyed it. I went between thinking “well, a little on the bland side, but this is pretty tasty.” don’t know what my tastebuds were trying to decide, but enjoyed it. Didn’t get the post tunafish burping I get with the real deal. Had some left over, curious as to how it will taste with a little more time for the flavors to marry. I didn’t use the onion, just don’t like raw onion, nor the celery as I didn’t have any. Used the chickpeas, chopped dill pickles, added a squirt of yellow mustard and a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Like Susan, I think I will so with a more chicken salad style mix the next time with apples and/or grapes. Might attempt making a faux mango chutney to mix in. All in all, I really did like it and will make it again, keeper.

  2. If you are looking for something to replace your tuna salad this is it! It does not take fishy just a tasty sandwich salad. My husband likes to add curry, and apples or sometimes grapes.
    This is a keeper people. Quick and tasty and no need to heat up,the kitchen. Give it a try. You will not be sorry.

  3. This is my go to meal when I need to make something quick for lunch! I eat it with Woven Wheat crackers & it is so so good!! It’s even good with the tarter sauce instead of the mayo! YUM!

  4. I actually had the pleasure of “helping” (I smashed the beans with the fork) Julie make this while we were enjoying The Protective Diet Mind & Body Retreat @ PDHQ’s.
    It looked so simple watching her throw it all together and you usually have all the ingredients on hand. This will definitely be a go to sandwich for our lunches, my husband wants me to add chopped jalapeño next time. 🙂

    While we were on the plane heading to the retreat someone starting eating tuna, of course the smell overpowered the cabin. I was saying to my husband “who would bring tuna on a plane”?! Well as Julie was making this for our traveling home lunches it kind of smelt like tuna in her kitchen and I thought “Oh great, I’m going to be that person that brings something smelly to eat on the plane!”. 🙂 Thankfully we had time to eat our sandwiches prior to boarding, they were DELICIOUS, can’t wait to make this myself!

  5. I just saw someone else’s post about this recipe, how quick and easy it was (just my style!), so I gave it a whirl…about 15 minutes from start to finish (including making the “mayo” time) and it was GREAT! I topped a few romaine lettuce leaves and added a few cherry tomatoes and made “wraps” with it. YUMMMM! Now pardon me while I go get seconds!!!

  6. I just want to say I was in a hurry yesterday! I remembered I had beans and the house mayo in the fridge so I whipped this up before my zumba class. I loved it! It was quick and easy! Having recipes like this make it so easy to stay on this plan! Thanks Julie!

  7. I was going to put this on a bed of lettuce and serve it with sliced tomatoes, but it was so delicious that I just ate it plain! I cannot wait to make this again!!

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