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MoJos Premium PD Recipe

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor’s cult-favorite was a basket of Cajun seasoned, battered and fried potato disks, eaten while you waited for pizza and sipped on a cold beer. On a Protective Diet, we are dipping our Batter & Baked Mojos in creamy dairy-free Buttermilk Ranch Dressing and sipping on PD Pale Ale. Thanks to Jerry’s fond childhood memories, Mojos received a PD remake and has become an oil-free plant-based cult fave. We are enjoying Mojos that are as fun and delicious as Jerry’s experience going to Shakey’s in his hometown. I was lit up with inspiration after learning of his childhood excitement at Shakey’s, eating Mojos dipped in ranch and playing arcade games with his friends while the parents socialized over pitchers of beer. Jerry’s only complaint was that they didn’t have pitchers of pop for the kids. Do you have an exciting childhood food memory or nostalgic tradition you have been missing on a Protective Diet? Please post it down below in the comments section. I’d love to learn about it.

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