Mom’s Diet Dressing Premium PD Recipe

This dressing was my mother’s go-to slimming salad dressing in the 1970s when the rest of my family was pouring on the full-fat dressing. She would stir it up in a teacup and dress her dinner salad separately. She told me it was her special diet dressing. I would dip my finger for a taste and say it tasted great and ask her to dress my salad just like hers. The smell of red wine vinegar reminds me of her special teacup dressing on the kitchen counter. When I have crisp romaine I enjoy the light simplicity of Mom’s Diet Dressing and the memory of her taking special care of herself. My mother loved fresh salads and my protective dressing recipes, especially Daily Dressing and Buttermilk Ranch. She would laugh if she knew I longed for her simple old-fashioned diet dressing. I added an option in the Notes and Pro Tips section to dress shredded lettuce toppings for Flatbread Sub Sandwiches which also boosts flavor and protection. Every day I celebrate knowing it is the oil on veggie sandwiches that packs the fat on us and not the satisfying bread. I’m so grateful to eat well and be well.

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