Mushroom Soup Premium PD Recipe

This hearty and thick mushroom soup is a stick to your ribs meal in itself. Its beautiful golden color with flecks of fresh green parsley make this soup look like a masterpiece. Don’t tell anyone it was fast, easy and inexpensive to put together they would never suspect.


  1. Although the list of ingredients looks long, this is such an easy soup to make. It is so delicious, I love the addition of the caraway seeds, just bumps that flavor up another notch, and using the PD broth mix really adds to the flavor. One of our favorites to quickly put together.

  2. i made this mushroom soup last nite with my new blendtec, the oat milk is going to become a staple in my house. this soup is world class restaurant quality. i have 2 portions in the freezer. i cant wait to try it with a long grain wild rice. i used fresh thyme and the combination of flavors is just stunning.

  3. Julie Marie Christensen I just made the mushroom soup for the first time and my mushroom-loathing husband had two bowls!!! High five! Your recipes are fantabulous Bonus , both toddlers gobbled it right up. I love that it really didn’t take long to prepare and cook without a pressure cooker!

  4. This soup is absolutely divine! It’s thick and wonderfully flavorful. I am still not a big mushroom lover, but I absolutely love this soup! I’m SO glad I tried it.

    The only thing I was confused on was when to insert straw to drink? This soup is THAT GOOD 🙂

    1. I’m sorry to hear this bill! Did you watch the Pd-Ed lesson where I show you how to do it? Keep the broth close by to stop the browning action before it gets to brown. The broth and heat of the pan will release any browning from the bottom of the pan for added flavor and easy clean up. It sounds like the browning was taken a little to far or the pan was too hot. Please give it a try again after watching this short instructional video:

  5. Julie Marie Mushroom soup super delicious your seasoning just perfect. I’m making the Onion Dip next can’ t wait to taste it. I’m so Happy for you . you are so creative keep the great recipes coming. Love Mom xoxo

  6. I’ve been thickening with oats for a long time. In fact, using homemade oat milk has been a savior in keeping my weight at my high school weight for eleven years now. Whenever my weight starts to creep up, which is not all that often, I simply cut out even soy milk and use homemade oat milk instead. It’s been a godsend. Before I started eating a WFPBNO diet, my weight yo-yo’d for years. It’s wonderful to have a stable weight. Saves money on the clothing budget and is a real self-esteem booster. I’m making the mushroom soup right now! Mmmmm. Smells delicious!

    1. Thanks for the oat milk review. It’s such a health promoting and inexpensive ingredient in so many of my recipes. I’m thrilled to hear you are doing so well. I hope I’m exciting you with new recipes to keep you on your healthy path.
      Best of Heath,
      Julie Marie

    1. I hope your keeping warm! This has been a perfect winter for soup. I’m glad you like this method to thicken and cream up a soup. Those cashews add up in calories, saturated fat and in dollars. This version is delicious, free of fats and cheep!

  7. This soup is so hearty and filling yet so distinguished and flavorful. I love the blend of spices. I was going to ask if this freezes well, but we like this so much that none of it is going to make it to the freezer! I think I should make a double batch next time!

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