No-Bake Bacon Bits Premium PD Recipe

Improved flavor and texture with speedy stovetop assembly makes these bits a fast flavor-boosting plant-based topping. Garnish gourmet salads like the BLT Wedge Salad, but don’t stop there. Top Potato Skins on game day and dip into Buttermilk Dressing. Cover your Holiday Cheeze Ball with flavor and crunchy bits. Creamed Kale becomes exciting and Cheezy Scalloped Potatoes gets a flavorful makeover. French Onion Dip sprinkled with bits will make your crudite board unforgettable. Tell us in the comments below what dish you improved with No-Bake Bacon Bits.

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  1. These bacon bits are the best. The texture and taste are perfect and they are so easy to make! I love a sprinkle in my salad with HVR, in Mac and cheese, and sprinkled on potato skins.

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