Oil-Free Aloo Gobi Premium PD Recipe

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Aloo Gobi translates to cauliflower and potatoes. India’s favorite vegetarian comfort-food dish is sauce-light and spiced to excite. At home, it is simmered stovetop, and occasionally oven roasted. It’s well known as the vegetarian option at Indian restaurants. This flavorful side dish is often fried for special occasions at banquet parties. Protective Diet’s oil-free recipe includes both recipe variations. We highly recommend using the Batter and Bake option as it is similar to the special fried version, with little effort. Leave a blog comment below if this recipe turned cauliflower into your favorite protective cruciferous veggie.

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  1. This took me awhile to get to but I’m glad I did! Even though there are several steps, this comes together pretty easily. I love the heat from the peppers and then cooling it down with yogurt.
    Thank you Julie Marie.