Oil-Free Egg Rolls Premium PD Recipe

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This gluten-free plant-based recipe has the texture of traditionally fried thickly-wrapped wheat skins that we love to bite into and fill up with Sugar-Free Sweet & Sour Duck Sauce and Chinese Hot Mustard. They’re packed with protective ingredients and flavors of the original American Chinese classic. I can’t decide if these are more fun to roll, serve or eat!

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  1. Crave-worthy and EASY! If you are intimidated by this recipe, please dive in and give it a try. This is my favorite PD recipe, and it’s really quite simple. When I’m sort on time, I use a bag of shredded cole slaw veggies. The amount is exactly perfect, and it cuts prep time. DEEEEEEELICIOUS!!

  2. Just imagine biting into an egg roll without the grease rolling down your chin or your arteries clogging with each bite. If you can imagine that then you are in the right place! These egg rolls are BEYOND delicious! I have made these a few times already and will be making them again tonight. These are simple to make and so very good! Jump in and make them!

  3. Ever eat something so good you cried? Im not saying I did but maybe I did…Yes this is all vegan, oil free, sugar free, nut free, egg free, gluten free egg rolls. This was better than anything I’ve ever eaten from any restaurant anywhere. The rolls are crunchy and chewy and bursting with flavor. The duck sauce was a memory from when my parents would order in take in. I eat mine with lots of hot mustard. The was my 1st of many many Protective Diet egg roll feasts. I ate 4 and had 4 the next day, they were just as good. Julie Marie Christensen you are a genius.

  4. My new go-to fav recipe. So easy and delicious. Crunchy, yummy good! I used bagged coleslaw – it even already had carrots in there— and dinner was in the oven within minutes of arriving home from work. Comments from “She Who Can Mess Up Any Recipe (But Not This One):”: I found I need a bit more batter to make 10 egg rolls, and I recommend using parchment rather than a silicone mat (I had a little trouble with sticking when I used the silicone mat. No prob on parchment). Oh and they reheat beautifully!

  5. I made these tonight and was surprised at how quick and easily they came together…and tasted so yummy. I really love the chewy/crispy texture combo! The duck sauce and hot mustard are delicious with them, but they also taste outstanding as is with no sauce at all.

  6. Fantastic! I can’t believe how good these egg rolls are. Easy and delicious. It seemed like a lot of steps in the recipe but now that I’ve watch the video and done it once it really is easy! You can bet I’ll be making them often. So crispy ,chewy and satisfying! The duck sauce and hot mustard are perfect for dipping.

  7. These eggrolls are so delicious! Watch the video, it makes making them so easy. We ate them all in one sitting. You think they are fried, but they are not, and the sauces are spot on.

  8. Oh Julie!!!! These eggrolls are amazing! Crunchy and chewy just like an eggroll! There will be zero longing in my home because you have managed to create a dish that people will come home for!

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