Oil-Free Olive Garden Salad Premium PD Recipe

The first question I ask a PD curious friend is, “what’s your favorite salad dressing?” Then I make a matching, slimmed-down version of Protective Diet dressing for them. When I met Donna, our newest PD friend on the block, she shared a bottle of her favorite dressing from Olive Garden with me so I could smell it and examine the ingredients. When I shared my remake with her, she excitedly shouted, “Olive Garden dressing!” When Jerry overheard this, he said, “Oh YES! All-you-can-eat salad with hot breadsticks!” I am so excited to share this calorie-cutting and cost-cutting delicious PD version of Oily Garden’s iconic salad with our healthy community. You have all the health-promoting ingredients ready and waiting in your protective pantry. This dressing is just one example of over seven hundred Protective Diet recipes created to help you slim down fast and achieve optimal health while improving food quality and reducing food costs. I carefully cut the calories in this remake from 80 to 4, and sodium from 540 to 58mg per serving while still providing the taste, look, and feel of the original. Please comment below if this recipe is a healthy home run at your house. A Protective Diet keeps global food history alive and the people who enjoy it. Thank you for the endless inspiration to make plant-based living deliciously sustainable and effective at reversing and preventing disease.


  1. You know when your non PD son-in-law requests that you bring an “Olive Garden” salad to dinner that you have a winner. There is always leftovers (because I make a HUGE salad) and he always claims them for his Monday lunch.

  2. Sometimes it’s just fun to get out. When I want to eat out, I take a small container of my favorite salad dressing with me. In this case, the next time I visit OG, I will take a small container of this dressing with me. I also take a small baggie of garbanzo beans and a few other fresh healthy veggies. I end up happy and full and know that I have eaten a PD healthy meal. OG will also serve their breadstick without the garlic and butter smeared over it but I am fairly sure the recipe is white flour stuff with oil in it, so I just pass on it. Now I will take a couple of PD breadstick in a baggie with me and some PD croutons to add to my salad. I know that OG doesn’t use garbanzo beans in their salad, but I love them and put them in all of my salads so in the salad they go as well. I will end up happy and full knowing that I am doing what’s best for me and my body and OG will be paid full price for their salad. Its a win win for both of us.

  3. Okay! Made a batch putting everything away as I went. Silly girl. Got it back out and made another batch. This is delicious! And I love that it doesn’t use too much of our precious yogurt. Thank you, Julie!

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