Okara Pie Crust Premium PD Recipe

This delicate high-fiber pie crust is plant-based perfection with your favorite protective filling. We are having fun breaking baking rules with my play-dough like fat-free and sugar-free no-roll crust. I’m introducing okara to lighten pie crust texture and as a functional protective ingredient. Just press the crust, play with the edge, and fill with classic pumpkin, sweet potato spice, perfect peaches, apple is oh-so-nice, and then there’s mouth-watering cherry, or mom’s favorite blueberry. Okara is the nutritious soybean pulp that comes from making Organic Soymilk. Okara is high in insoluble fiber and plant protein. Perfect fuel for our healthy microbes to digest and produce anti-inflammatory short-chain fatty acids to tighten our intestinal paracellular wall protecting us from disease and pathogenic transfer. We are strengthening our immune system with every health-promoting slice of Protective Diet pie. Don’t tell anyone it’s made of beans. They would never guess something this delicious is health food.


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