Onion & Chive Creamy Cheeze Premium PD Recipe

When I spread this guilt free creamy rich onion cheeze on a whole grain English muffin, I question that this is really low cal and good for me. Someone pinch me am I dreaming? Thanks to Protective Diet I can have flavorful creamy cheeze, lower my cholesterol and fit in my skinny jeans.

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  1. I moved from New York to Chicago several years ago. One thing I miss is a NY bagel and cream cheese. This spread on an Ekekial 4:9 English Muffin or PD bun helps me get my NY on!!

  2. Great recipe…really good texture, like whipped cream cheese. I have spread it on celery, pita bread, and woven wheat crackers so far…looking forward to dolloping so on a potato!

    1. Thanks for the review. I have had brunch at a friends house that made a hybrid of this by mixing and French Onion Dip into it. It was fantastic and a little creamier.

  3. Julie, your recipes are great, and even though I am an awesome (and modest) vegan cook and I’m not afraid of a zillion steps, I am impressed but how simple so many of them are.

    I see here your instructions on pressing tofu. Since you’ve given me so much inspiration, I wonder if i can inspire you to get the Tofuxpress Tofu press!!! for decades i did the pressing the long way and now with the tofu press you can press the water out in a fraction of the time!!!

    I sound like a sales person hahaha, I swear I’m not, it just changed my life many years ago! Hope it helps!

    1. Billie, Victoria and I grew up together eating a taco dip her mother made. The dip was made with a base of seasoned cream cheese. I have attempted it, but it still needs some adjustments.

  4. I did this for my lil guy but without the onion and chives – to just have a plain cream cheese. He loves cream cheese, and we’ve typically gotten the Tofutti or something like that. The flavor was obviously different than THOSE… but not bad. I wasn’t sure what he’d think because it’s not the “same” but he liked it!! Yay!

  5. I love this recipe, finally something yummy to spread on Ezekiel in the morning! I was using bottled lemon juice and ¼ cup was too much—I cut it down to 1 TB and it’s perfect. The juice is not from concentrate, but I’m sure that was the difference from not using fresh squeezed. I also made the version with green onions in place of chives, and both are delicious! Totally recommend trying this recipe.

  6. How do you think this would turn out with out the chives and onions and stuff? Just plain cream cheese? When I was a kid we’d have cream cheese and jam. I made your chia seed jam this morning and I think cream cheese would go perfect!!!

    1. I was going to do a strawberry cream cheese, by adding strawberries and cutting back on the soy milk and a little stevia. You could just make it plain as well. Cut out the onions and chives and see if you like it. I need to pick up more tofu and make the taco dip!!!

  7. Oh yes, made this last night and could hardly wait for breakfast! Will definitely keep this in the regular rotation. For breakfast I spread it on Ezekial muffins and added sliced tomatoes. Very good!

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