Onion Rings Free PD Recipe

Protective Diet baked onion rings are so crispy and impressive to serve as a snack or starter, but the best part is how easy this oil-free recipe is. They taste so indulgent, and dipping them into one of our many dipping sauce makes you feel like you’re cheating.

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  1. Nothing makes me feel like cheating like onion rings. I love this. They are time consuming but more than worth it. We also love using this bread crumb mix to top the Mac ans cheese in place of the plain breadcrumbs.

  2. I tried to make a recipe similar to this but had to use gluten free flour and gluten free crackers for bread crumbs. It was NOT good. I think I’ll give this version a try. Thanks.

  3. YUM!!! Very tasty and quite filling. We had these and zucchini sticks for dinner with Julie’s ranch and creamy Italian…and leftover Garden Party Pasta Salad. A full on Protective Diet dinner. The onion rings were so tasty, felt like eating bar food when piled with Julie’s creamy ranch dressing. Yet…WAY HEALTHIER! Awesome dinner!

  4. Wow! What can I say about these! I made these 2 nights in a row. The first night I was in a bit of a rush and the bread I used went in the toaster. It didn’t work out so well. The bread was still too moist and the bread crumbs came out rather large and wet and didn’t end up sticking to the onions after I had floured and dipped them. I then had to cheat and used a packaged bread crumbs instead of homemade. They O rings tasted wonderful! I threw together a quick no-salt ketchup and sat there and ate every onion ring!

    The next night I took the 6 pieces of bread, cut them up and placed them in the oven. This way I was assured the bread would be dry and crunchy making for fine bread crumbs. It worked very well, much better than the previous night. I also used my mandolin to slice my onion 3/8″ thick. I believe I got a few more rings this way. I floured and dipped them in the oat milk, coated them with the bread crumbs and baked.

    These came out great! My son and wife loved them. If they give some plant-based food the thumbs up, then I know it’s a good recipe. This is now a weekly mainstay in the house, I enjoy making these to accompany any main dish I create. Thanks Julie for a wonderful recipe!

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