Onion Sandwich Rolls Premium PD Recipe

At last, we have soft whole grain onion sandwich rolls that taste great and are easy and inexpensive to make. I’ve created a simple way to keep my buns perfectly soft without adding white refined flour, isolated gluten, eggs, or oil. These beautiful 4-ounce buns are perfection at only 210 calories each and made with all whole plant-based ingredients.


  1. This is my favorite bun recipe…I love the onion powder! I topped mine with dried chopped onion, poppy seeds & sesame seeds for an “everything” bun. 5 Stars!!!! Thanks Julie 😀

  2. This recipe is amazing! I am imagining all the things I can do with these buns! So good I ate two had to freeze the rest or I would not have any for BBQ burgers tomorrow! Thanks for another awesome recipe Julie!

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