Oven Baked Pancakes Premium PD Recipe

Stop sweating over a chemical extruding non stick griddle with these oil free, egg free, sugar free pancakes with a gluten free option. Mix up a batch and bake them up in just 8 minutes.


  1. Made a few different batches. First one, all wheat flour. It Came out tasty but too dense. I wanted a fluffy type pancake that i remember eating.
    Second one i used the oat flour but instead of banana i made homemade applesauce from Julie and it turned out fluffy and tasty. I topped with chia seed jam.

  2. Can I mix half oat and half wheat flour with the same good results? I don’t like to eat so much wheat. For some reason I feel better with oats than wheat but I like the texture of adding some wheat….dilemma…

  3. Delicious! So nice for a weekend breakfast. I made some with blueberries, some with bananas, and some with both. I served them with Chia Seed Jam that I made with blueberries instead of strawberries. Another keeper!

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