Oven Roasted Garlic Free PD Recipe

When garlic is roasted, it becomes sweet and mild in flavor. Spread Oven-Roasted Garlic on freshly baked hot bread or mash into potatoes. This simple recipe makes a flavorful, immune-boosting, plant-based replacement for butter.

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  1. Never have roasted garlic before. Kinda funny, but before moving to a plant based way of eating, rarely could I eat garlic without smelling like garlic coming from every orafice. Now, I love garlic and maybe my body has adjusted favorably.

    Tonight was the first time I tried to roast any. I have been making Julie’s mashed potatoes the past week or so…which are amazing…that’s also another review, but decided to add roasted garlic. I followed the directions (which were so simple) and in 40 minutes I was ready to push the garlic out.

    Once the potatoes were ready to be mashed I squeezed out all the roasted garlic. It added such a great flavor to already very flavorable mashed potatoes. My wife and son continue to rave at the flavor of the mashed potatoes…NOW WITH GARLIC! Cannot wait to use this for many other dishes. Thanks Julie!

    1. I would roast them the way I direct you to in the Roasted Pomodoro Pasta recipe, then chop and add to salsa, mashed potatoes or any pasta dish. Roasting gives the garlic a sweeter milder flavor. The garlic needs to be in it’s jacket or bulb to produce the soft spread we are going for in this recipe. You could try wrapping it up and see what happens. Let us know how it turns out.

  2. After roasting, do you think the garlic could be frozen for use later? I’m thinking of squeezing it into ice cube trays, and then freezing it. My husband planted alot this season. Thanks Julie.

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