PD Dark Roast Premium PD Recipe

I drink this soothing Dark Roast for several reasons. It is mentally therapeutic to slow my racing mind. It contains anti-aging free radical fighting antioxidants and polyphenols that prevent tooth decay, and most importantly I drink it for the pleasure of the delicious aromatherapeutic ritual. Gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) is the brain’s most abundant inhibitory, or “calming,” neurotransmitter. Some challenging GABA deficiency symptoms I was experiencing as a perimenopausal woman challenged with post-acute withdrawal from opioids included depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I drink this single ingredient organic whole grain antioxidant-rich GABA-producing faux coffee beverage nightly in place of cancer accelerating wine to take the edge off stressful days. The reason I incorporated this beverage into my regular routine was for the coffee-sipping pleasure I had been missing in my life after giving it up for betterment. The intoxicating smell of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters fills the air of my neighborhood. I peek in the café with my dog in the morning and wish I could have a cup without the negative effects. On hot summer afternoons my neighbors gather at the tables, sipping drool-worthy iced lattes. I have enjoyed the benefits of not being dependant on coffee for years, yet I still miss the flavor and ritual of brewing and sipping it. I adored the rich smell of coffee in my kitchen and the ritual of a cup after dinner. Now I have it all with this Dark Roast specialty beverage, complete with cellular protective benefits and a shot of neuro healing.


  1. I was skeptical and very nervous to try this recipe. I thought for sure I would burn the barley and have a ruined pan. I stood right by pan while they roasted the whole time. The smell is wonderful. After they cooled I followed the directions exactly. I cannot believe the results. I have had it hot and cold and it did not disappoint. I love this recipe. Thanks, Julie for always creating these amazing recipes. I love my tea now(haven’t had coffee in years) and but this will be an added bonus. 🙂 It tastes just like strong coffee. YUM

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