PD Latte Premium PD Recipe

When we stop consuming coffee, our physical addiction to it passes within a day or two. The memory of the habit can be our biggest challenge. It will beckon us when we pass a shop and smell the intoxicating aroma of beans being ground or brewed. I encourage you to maintain this comforting ritual, but replace the coffee bean for this PD alternative that is full of roasted flavor. Eliminating coffee will even your mood, and will help you achieve your ideal body weight without the struggle from sugar cravings triggered by afternoon caffeine withdrawal.


  1. I found this latte adequate and enjoyed three cups the first day. However, while it is caffeine free, it is still a stimulant so I lost a couple hours of sleep starting at 2am. This was a similar reaction to drinking caffeine in the past. So if you are caffeine sensitive, start with one cup. I enjoyed it iced in my thermos.

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