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Breaded & baked, spicy or mild, Protective Diet has the perfect Super Bowl half time snack for everyone. Serve these easy-to-assemble impressive starters and introduce your friends to what a PD is all about. This is the ultimate in whole plant based health food disguised in junk food camouflage. Most people won’t believe you are eating jalapeño poppers and slimming down until they see it for themselves.

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Comments (3)

  1. posted by Marie on January 29, 2015

    What do you suggest about making ahead. Do they get soggy from sitting out if I make them an hour or so ahead? I want to bring them to the SB party but not sure how they’ll hold up. Good at room temp? Thanks.

    • posted by Julie Marie on January 31, 2015

      These will hold up perfectly to make ahead and serve at room temperature. Have a great time at the party Marie!

  2. posted by Marie on January 31, 2015

    Thanks! You too! Now let’s see what the weather does! I may just be sharing these with my husband…..oh well.

  3. posted by Stephen on March 8, 2015

    I love finger food like these poppers or some of the other snack type” foods that Julie creates. I decided to buy jalapenos on Friday with the hope of putting them into a recipe. Last night I whipped up some NYCS. I already had some croutons made, which I dropped into a food processor and turned into bread crumbs.

    The recipe was quick and simple to put together. I did have to take some care in turning over the peppers in order to coat them with breadcrumbs. If all the NYCS didn’t get covered, then I spooned some onto the top and let the excess fall off.

    These started to smell wonderful while baking for 25 minutes (my oven runs hot). I pulled them out and let them cool for a few minutes. In addition to these poppers I also made up a batch of Red Hot Quinoa Bites to accompany the poppers. Great finger food dinner!

    The best part of these poppers, the flavor. This is my new favorite recipe! I was amazed at how big the flavor was when I too the first bite. Chances are I might be able to sneak this by a few onmis. No guarantees, but these were spicy and warm and tasted great!

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