Pho Premium PD Recipe

I have paid great respect to this beloved Vietnamese soup by keeping all the unique spices exactly the same, and removing all of the saturated fat found in the original. This big bowl of clear, dark, flavorful broth, filled with noodles and the excitement of the aromatic fresh toppings will have you simmering up a batch on the regular.


      1. Ok thanks. I used the slow cooker to simmer broth while I was at work.. Put the rest together when I got home..Think it turned out great and the house smelled so good too! My Vietnamese friend approved!!! Thanks

  1. I’ve never eaten traditional version of Pho and had no idea what to expect, its very different and unique. I love the use of all the different spices. its also very easy and I can see making all sorts of veggie combinations with this soup. For my 1st attempt I added noodles, edamame, and sliced shiitake mushrooms.

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