Pickle Relish Premium PD Recipe

Protective Diet Pickle Relish is sweet and tangy without the sugar, additives and dyes found in typical relish. Top off a PD BBQ Burger, give your “Tuna” Melt a zing, or whip up some unforgettable dairy-free Tartar Sauce. This relish will stay fresh for a month. It’s so delicious, it probably won’t last a week in the door of your refrigerator.


  1. Awesome Relish I never liked the store bought king so when I tried this I was skeptical. OMG yes it’s a huge winner for me. I ended up using it in the Potato salad yummy!!!

  2. When I made this I had these large cucumbers so I ended up with three large jars. I gave my mom a small jar because I always have her sample all of my hard work – she LOVED them! Now she want’s one of my big jars!!! It’s so good I even put a bunch extra in the tarter sauce!! YUM!!

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