Popcorn “Shrimp” Premium PD Recipe

Breaded, baked, crispy, and delicious PD Popcorn “Shrimp” is one of my new favorite recipes. Set down a basket of these little, golden, crispy, surprisingly gluten-free, indulgent-tasting nuggets and you’ll rename them Disappearing Popcorn “Shrimp”. This is a perfect party starter. Confuse your friends and family with this fried food classic. They will think you gave up on your Protective Diet and wonder what you’re doing to look so healthy and slim.

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  1. What a crunch. Goes really fast with two people, one dips, the other coats. And I froze some, and they taste just as great! I put them frozen in the oven to reheat, came out perfect. Such a delicious recipe.

  2. Oh my gosh. I made these today. EXCELLENT. These are now my favorite PD recipe. They are simple and fun and they were gobbled up by me and friends that were over. THAT makes me happy!

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