Poppy Seed Dressing Premium PD Recipe

This sweet and tangy salad bar classic is better than I remember it. This outstanding sugar-free, oil-free dressing remake has increased our salad frequency and intake of protective sulforaphane and production of nitric oxide. Protective Diet Poppy Seed Dressing will transform your favorite shredded, chopped, diced or sliced green, purple, orange, yellow or red veggies into an unforgettable salad. Toss with pre-shredded cabbage for a quick-prep slaw everyone will enjoy.


  1. I love having poppyseed dressing back in my life. Delicious in the apple slaw and also with strawberry, blueberry, blackberry mixed tender greens salad. I like it a little sweeter, so I subbed a 17 yr. white balsamic for the malt vinegar.

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