Potato Corn Chowder Premium PD Recipe

Thick and rich chowder with the sweetness of corn and heartiness of potatoes is easily prepared in a pressure cooker, slow cooker or on the stove top. There’s nothing better than a quick and easy one pot meal that tastes like you labored over the stove all day.


  1. I am long time chowder maker. The addition of the corn meal gives the chowder a huge boost. I was impressed with how the corn meal makes the broth corny yellow. No need for cream here. This recipe would be approved by my Boston grandmother as authentic.

    1. im happy that i have some ready to go for dinner and a huge container of it in the freezer. i love this stew. i ate a lot of polenta with vegan butter and this is so rich and creamy i don’t think about it.

  2. This is a hit with us. Especially during winter!! Made it last week and were making another batch today. I love to add extra potatoes and corn to make it thick and chunky and then top it with PD croutons. Fantastic!

  3. This recipe sounds great, in fact a lot of them do, I only question the use of liquid smoke. It possibly has low levels of carcinogens. Why use this ingredient while trying to cook healthy?

    1. Great question Rachele! If it makes you feel more comfortable you can choose to leave the liquid smoke out and still produce a wonderful soup with this recipe. The liquid smoke is made by collecting the moisture vapors from burning hickory wood then boiling it. This is similar to how rose water is made. You are not actually ingesting burned or charred wood. The use of this product adds a smoked flavor that would be traditionally added to a soup with the use of smoked meat. We are eliminating the carcinogenic smoked meat and replacing the flavor with this safe addition. When choosing liquid smoke go with Wrights brand to avoid any food additives such as natural flavor. Thanks for the great question!

  4. Talk about the perfect soup for a cold winter day! Adding the cornmeal to thicken it is genius! I made this in my electric pressure cooker, which was so quick and easy but tasted like it cooked all day!

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