Pressure Cooked Chickpeas Premium PD Recipe

I love the convenience of organic BPA-free canned chickpeas, but when I am using two cans in a recipe, I cook them using this perfectly measured no-soak cooking method. It produces 3 cups of chickpeas and 1 cup of aquafaba (bean liquid), precisely the same amount as two 15-ounce cans. With this easy recipe, I can control the sodium and use filtered water while reducing package waste and cost. Some of my favorite recipes that use both the chickpeas and their nutritious cooking liquid in place of water are Plant-Based Etouffee, Cream of ChickN Soup, Chicken-less Noodle Soup, Scraps Soup, and Oil-Free Curry. Enjoy fresh cooked and cooled chickpeas in Mock Tuna Salad, Baba-Ga-Hummus, Pro Bean Dip, Jerusalem Salad dressing, Creamy Hummus, Buffalo Ranch Hummus, Valentine Hummus, Chopped Nutz, Guac-Faux-Mole, and Tikka Masala. Toss chilled chickpeas into a chopped salad dressed with your favorite Protective Diet oil-free vinaigrette for an immune system boost of prebiotic plant-fiber.

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