Pretzel Rolls Premium PD Recipe

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The hot soft pretzel originally known in Germany as Laugenbrezel, sometimes made into little rolls called Laugenbrötchen, and longer, baguette style sticks called Laugenstangen are popular and often a favorite in American restaurant bread baskets. Laugenbrötchen, often referred to as Pretzel Rolls, are frequently used as sandwich rolls. Laugen gets its browned chewy skin and tender inner texture from a hot alkaline bath before baking. There’s an aroma from this neutralizing dip-to-bake process that causes a frenzy around pretzel stands. Now we can enjoy the aroma, flavor and texture while incorporating the benefits of whole grains into our Protective Diet Pretzel Rolls while keeping the traditional flavor and technique alive. Enjoy them along with soup, salad or sliced open and filled with Mock Tuna Salad, Skinny Chic’n Salad or layered with Better Than Bacon, lettuce, tomato and Ultimate Plant-Based Mayo


  1. I made the pretzel rolls for the first time. They were absolutely delicious. It was relaxing to make them as well. Unfortunately, I had a no salt baking soda substitute. It changed the color of the rolls. They were more reminiscent of powdered donuts. Lol! The taste was great, though. I made the egg-less salad and made a sandwich. I’m looking forward to having the correct baking soda as I will be making these many more times. It was filling and very satisfying. Thank you Julie Marie,

  2. I was making another batch of these this morning and decided I should probably leave a review. I have never enjoyed baking so the thought of this recipe intimidated me for quite awhile before I tried it. It couldn’t be easier and the rolls always turn out so delicious. My husband even made this recipe for me two years ago when I was unable to stand for long periods due to a knee injury. So if you are like me, or a newbie like my husband, I suggest you give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised. I usually slice and freeze the rolls per the recipe suggestions and take out the morning of to use for sandwiches, or the black bean burgers or as a side to soup or chili.

    1. Theresa, Thanks for sharing your good experience with this recipe. What wonderful husband! These are a favorite of mine along with the soft pretzels and pretzel bites.

    1. Pastry flour contains a lower gluten content perfect choice when the desired result is a flaky texture. This recipe we want a nice chew and soft texture. For best results use the recommended flour.

  3. These rolls are amazing. I have not had pretzels in years. I made a sandwich with better than bacon, lettuce, and ranch dressing. Holy cow! I took a bite and had a pretzel explosion in my mouth. They are fantastic! Thank you Julie!

  4. These are the BEST! I used to make bagels all of the time but I’m in a pretzel roll kick these days. High Altitude note: Because water boils at a lower temperature at high altitude – allow the original boiling of the water to boil for an extra 2 minutes before adding the rolls.

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