Plant-Based Prosciutto Premium PD Recipe

If you were never introduced to Prosciutto before going vegan, allow me give you a proper introduction. Prosciutto is ham’s salty, dry, tough, but thin and popular Italian older brother. It is most often used in America as a pizza topping. In Italy, it is served in folded layers as a meal starter on an antipasto platter, paired with Giardiniera, cheese and fresh bread. Small pieces are tossed into simple pasta dishes or layered sparingly onto a sandwich. It’s always sliced thin to camouflage the chewy toughness from dry aging and added sparingly due to its bold salty flavor, and is traditionally wrapped around spring asparagus and paired with summer sweet melon or fall fresh figs. Start with the Protective Diet Fall Flatbread Pizza recipe for my favorite way to enjoy the savory flavor of this Italian classic.


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