Protective Diet Tuber Tonic Premium Recipe

Enjoy this warming elixir ritual designed to hydrate and protect your body. Protective Diet Tuber Tonic is my spicy protective wake-up call, no matter what the season. Served as a hot soothing sipper in the winter and a refreshing cold spritzer over ice in the summer. I also enjoy it as a between meal pick-me-up. Infusing all the cells in my body with this protective beverage makes me feel powerfully proactive with each sip. We are the boss of our body and can make every bite and beverage protective for our well being, the animals and our planet with a Protective Diet.

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  1. I’ve never grated turmeric before. I have the same microplane as Julie Marie. I used fresh turmeric root and fresh ginger root (not frozen). The ginger took a while to grate but the turmeric only took a couple of seconds. Do other people find this, too?

  2. Ummmmm, this tea is so soothing. I was very surprised with the delicious taste it has. I was not expecting that. Thank you for a beautiful cup of tea that I can enjoy throughout my day. I made a big pot and filled a couple of quart jars with it so I can take it with me. Thank you Julie!

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