Protective Gum Premium PD Recipe

This ancient organic gum has been chewed for centuries and treated like gold for its medicinal healing properties. Each piece contains protective all-natural antibacterial and anti-viral phytochemicals to refresh your mouth and offer your body a protective boost. Also known for anti-inflammatory and anti-neoplastic properties. The oleo gum resin is produced to protect and heal the boswellia tree when it is cut or damaged. Plants produce protective phytochemicals to aid in their survival when they are injured by predators. We can use those same protective chemicals to protect and heal the human body. Chew a piece during meal prep to keep your mouth occupied, eliminating mindless nibbles to improve meal time satisfaction and progress with your Mindful Eating practice.

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    1. The only resource available is through Amazon and linked in green on the recipe.I have not found it locally in San Diego. I used this link and can confirm it’s top quality and the correct product.

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