Protective Hummus Premium PD Recipe

A low-fat diet equals low body fat, but my hummus must be creamy and this recipe is the creamiest of them all. When we stop consuming high-calorie, high-fat tahini paste and oil we slim down effortlessly, reduce cholesterol, and improve insulin reception to reverse diabetes. The most effective way to eliminate inflammatory disease and slim down is to eliminate high-fat ingredients in our sauces, dips, and dressings. We receive a perfect balance of healthy fats with the consumption of whole grains, beans, fruit, and vegetables. Sesame seed paste and extracted oils, which are common ingredients in hummus, are neither essential nor beneficial to achieve optimal health. In fact, they are counterproductive to achieving a lean body mass. I encourage you to ditch the high fat hummus. Instead guiltlessly scoop up creamy low-fat protective dips with whole grain fresh baked pita chips while you read about how to eat to beat cancer by building healthy microbe food preferences with The Gut Microbiome Population Project and Protective Diet Education. I have joyfully maintained a 140-pound weight loss, reversed inflammatory disease, and holistically healed from terminal brain cancer with a low-fat whole food plant based diet. My documented journey is archived in Protective Diet Education as a reminder that we are always the boss of our bodies. Diet and lifestyle choices impact our life experiences and everyone around us. Give it your very best and be the best body manager you can be. The rewards of healthy living are immeasurable.

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