Protective Probiotic Pepper Sauce Premium PD Recipe

This live super-food recipe is one of Protective Diet’s most awaited healthy recipe remake solutions. It is formulated to dramatically improve your condiment food quality, mealtime excitement and healthy life experience, making it worth the wait. It’s a low-sodium organic ingredient solution containing six times less sodium with improved flavor at one-fifth the price of leading commercial brands. After years of limiting our intake of high sodium hot sauce, I’m thrilled to offer this fun recipe with hot and mild options, packed with proven feel-good mood enhancing, cellular protective, immune boosting, anti-aging, memory enhancing benefits of fermentation. This colorful sauce will stay fresh forever in your refrigerator door, keeping it handy to make Buffalo Potato Wedges, spice up simple grain bowls, or add a kick to an Egg-less Omelet or Instant Pot Frittata. Naturally preserving with fermentation improves flavor and nutritional bioavailability. Fermented peppers and garlic are shown to be cancer protective, anti-aging, improve cognitive health and promote cellular recycling known as autophagy. I have simplified fermenting, making it a fun and rewarding addition to our workplace for wellness routine with the Protective Diet. Please comment below how you and your family enjoy Probiotic Pepper Sauce.


  1. I am using Franks as I ran out of this. Franks doesn’t taste as good as I remember it. I am fixing to make this a second time and I love it. Again, so easy. Thanks Julie for making recipes to satisfy all of our needs.

  2. This recipe is so easy and makes a perfect hot sauce. I used red bell peppers and a few red Serrano peppers. It is medium hot and far less salty than Franks so I can use more sauce for good flavor.

  3. Couldn’t find Fresno peppers, so I made the green sauce with jalapeños. The smell that wafts up when you open your blender is so good and the taste doesn’t disappoint! I love having hot sauces that are significantly lower in sodium and also full of active probiotics…win, win! Can’t wait to try the red sauce next.

    1. Finally found the Fresno peppers for the red sauce, so made that along with Julie’s suggestion for a variety made with red bell pepper and Arbol chiles…I really enjoyed both very much!

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