Protective Ramen Noodles Premium PD Recipe

Sending teens off to college to pack on the freshman fifteen with high-fat ramen noodle bricks and carry-out options is a bad idea. Help them to grow healthier in their independence with support from Protective Diet and a few getting-started items. All they need is an electric tea kettle, measuring spoons, Plant-Based Broth Mix, organic noodle bricks, and this easy recipe to make healthy ramen convenient—all the yum without all the fat, salt, and chemical additives. A satisfying protective 4-cup savory noodle bowl with two wholegrain ramen bricks is ready in ten minutes. Let’s examine why big comforting bowls of flavorful PD instant noodles keeps everyone at any age slim and satisfied. Protective Ramen is twice the size of classic ramen and is less than half the calories at only 175. The original store bought ramen is a small single-brick packet of chemicals and salt weighing in at 374 calories and 15 grams of fat! Protective Diet Education demonstrates what to eat when getting started on your health journey, while navigating college, and when traveling. Nutritional intervention with a Protective Diet has been the most rewarding lesson in my life. This recipe includes suggestions for simplicity to get started on a Protective Diet. Protective Diet recipes are designed as weekly educational bites to achieve and maintain optimal health with a sustainable diet incorporating plant-based functional foods based on advances in phytochemical research and The Microbiome Population Project.


  1. I took this with me while traveling over the summer and enjoyed hot, delicious, and very satisfying dinners. I packed the ramen noodles purchased at Costco, PD broth mix, red pepper flakes, and a ramen bowl w/lid…then picked up some pre-chopped veggies and cilantro at a local market. Easy peasy!

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