Protective Spiced Cider Premium PD Recipe

Feel fantastic with a hot cup of Protective Spiced Cider! This comforting fall favorite will warm your pipes, sooth your throat, and perk you up with the power of proven immune protective plant ingredients. When I sip this sugar-free, all-natural, health promoting soother I get a euphoric feeling of total health mastery. Protective Diet’s winter recipes make every sip and bite an advantage while we enjoy the holiday season, sustaining a lifestyle to maintain our optimal health. Put this in your morning thermos to make a cold commute to work more comfortable. It’s a perfect warmer for the cheering section in the cold football stands. Bring a batch to a holiday party and tell everyone they will be healthier with every sip. Please comment below if this anti-inflammatory beverage made you feel amazing after sipping it. Let us know what your family, friends, coworkers and parents at the football game thought of Protective Spiced Cider.


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