Quick Mix BBQ Sauce Premium PD Recipe

Tangy and sugar-free, sweet with optional heat, this BBQ sauce takes five minutes to prep and will be the first step in assembling satisfying plant-based meals this summer. See the serving suggestions for finger-licking good ways to enjoy Quick Mix BBQ Sauce. Delicious and easy-to-assemble familiar food recipes naturally layered with protective ingredients are what make a Protective Diet sustainable and rewarding.


  1. Delicious!! I wasn’t able to enjoy this the first several times, I had a really bad batch of tomato powder. If you’re following the directions and this sauce comes out super watery, reach out on PD Living. Julie knows what she’s doing and if there’s a problem, it isn’t her recipe. Perfect bbq sauce just in time for summer!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce so I was a little reticent to try this new one, but I’m so glad I did! It was delicious…and thick, not at all runny. It was so easy to make and so nice not to have a can of tomato paste to deal with and not to have a blender pitcher to wash out!

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