Quick-Mix Horsey Sauce Premium PD Recipe

This is a cellular-protective, plant-based, sugar-free remake of a popular condiment from Arby’s. Let’s appreciate its protective qualities, but the exciting punch in this sauce makes maintaining optimal health with a Protective Diet exciting, easy, fun, and sustainable. Scientists have isolated the plant hormone IAA and enzyme HPR found in horseradish that regresses cancer. They will spend years creating a pharmaceutical version with a safe way to deliver it directly to human tumor cells. Meanwhile, I’m incorporating its powerful protection at the root level! Naturally delivered on a potato, in a sandwich, or with a cracker, to protect my cells in the form of a zesty sauce. This sinus opening sauce promises to improve blood circulation and make vegetables more exciting.

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  1. Loved the original horsey sauce, and love this one even more because of the ease in making it! So good on so many things—I’ve already used it in place of Mayo, as a base for dressing, and for dipping fries and fresh veggies. Great recipe!

  2. Great recipe. My horseradish might be a little mild. I did use 3 TBLS but still not as pungent as I’d hoped. I’ll try again when I can get my hands on fresher horseradish. Thanks Julie Marie

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