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Quick Mix Russian Dressing Premium PD Recipe

This cellular-protective, oil-free remake was created for our plant-based reuben sandwich we call the Veggie Reuben. Pour on this cancer-protective, hit-the-spot, zingy, low-cal, sugar-free sauce. Similar to Thousand Island dressing, but way more exciting and protective. Enjoy it as a veggie burger topper, sandwich spread, salad dressing, fry dip, bread dip, or veggie dip. Protective Diet Russian Dressing will make your health-minded meals spectacular! When we ferment soymilk into yogurt microbes multiply their protective genistein content. Genistein is a protective phytoestrogen found in soybeans that offer an antiangiogenic, cancer-starving effect. Plant estrogens help block the growth of blood vessels to cancer cells which then inhibits them from becoming problematic and life-threatening. We have scientific, epidemiologic, and clinical evidence supporting the role of an antiangiogenic diet for cancer prevention. Our most outstanding defense against cancer diagnosis and recurrence is prevention with a sustainable antiangiogenic diet and a healthy lifestyle. After experiencing brain cancer with the advantage of a pre-existing practice of an anti-inflammatory, antiangiogenic Protective Diet I suggest living and eating proactively to stay ahead of the cancer curve. We are actively safeguarding our wellness with every protective and delicious bite along with the Protective Diet community.

  • Quick Mix Russian Dressing Premium PD Recipe

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  1. I love this dressing. I love that it brings Rueben sandwiches back into my life. I love that it takes mere minutes to make. And I love that it is delicious and you’d never guess it took just minutes to make! I have also dipped french fries in it and I have spread it on burger buns…delicious!