Red Enchiladas Free PD Recipe

These authentic red enchiladas are like nothing you’ve ever tasted – well, unless you’re Mexican. I was lucky enough to learn this sauce recipe from a PD Workshop student while I was converting some of her mother’s traditional favorites to fit a Protective Diet. She laughed when I was under the impression red enchilada sauce contained tomatoes. Now I know the truth behind traditional enchilada sauce and I’m sharing it with you. This recipe has a few steps, but they are broken down and made simple and easy. The day you serve these is the day you become known for making the best enchiladas this side of the Rio Grande.

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  1. We made these for dinner last night and they were so good! Working with the chile peppers (which i bought at the Mexican market) was fun and really made the flavor authentic. We are adding them to the rotation. Thanks Julie!

  2. Someone started a virtual supper club, we were suppose to make the red enchiladas. Amazingly I’ve never made them before, probably because I didnt have the 3 kinds of peppers. Bought the peppers and made the dish. OH MY, this is a keeper. The great thing is you can buy the peppers in bags, bring them home and roast them all at once. Then this dinner would be a cinch to do! Served with a side salad. Will be making this one again for company.

  3. I have made this in the past and liked it. My husband didn’t care for it. I decided to make this again last night. I did not toast the pods. Had him taste the sauce and he liked it. I made cheese enchiladas using the PD cheese recipe. I made a double batch of the sauce. One thing with making a double batch make sure to blend them separately. I made a huge mess in the kitchen. I made a lot of enchiladas. Going to freeze some for freezer meals. This will be a regular item.

  4. I have made this recipe before and liked it. My husband didn’t care for it. I made it again last night but without toasting the pods. Had him taste the sauce and he liked it. I made cheese enchiladas using the PD cheese recipe. Made a double batch of enchilada sauce. One suggestion when making a double batch of the sauce make sure to blend it one batch at a time. Made a huge mess in my kitchen. Will be making this one again. Made several batches going to freeze some for freezer meals.

  5. I loved this recipe. I used to make SAD enchiladas a lot and I would always use canned enchilada sauce that was tomato based and full of unnecessary chemicals and food additives. This sauce was so good! Definitely different than what I’m used to, but an awesome flavor. It felt good to make something authentic and actually healthy. I made the whole batch of sauce, but froze half of it and only made half of the rest of the recipe. I’ll be sure to post how it defrosted when I use it!

  6. I finally made this! It took a long time but was well worth it. I’ve never made real enchilada sauce before and I really had a good time making it. The only problem I had was trying to use the small corn tortillas I’d taken out of the freezer. They just crumbled when I tried to roll them. So I just layered everything. Unconventional, but delicious! 🙂 Next time I’ll get fresh tortillas.

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