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Red Lentil Dahl Premium PD Recipe

Dahl is as common in an Indian home as red sauce is in an Italian kitchen. This pantry staple is simmered and layered with bold protective spices and chilis as an everyday Indian comfort food. This aromatic, colorful, high-fiber, protein-rich protective sauce is served over rice with cooling tangy garnishes. My recipe, including oil-free cooking techniques, elevates this classic Indian dish to next level gourmet with maximum flavor and protection. Learn to toast spices without the use of blood-thickening inflammatory oils or hormone-filled artery-clogging ghee. Every ingredient celebrates the traditional preparation of Indian dahl while simplifying the process and boosting freshness, flavor, and protection for humans, animals and our planet on a Protective Diet. Red lentils were chosen for their color, quick cooking time, global availability and digestibility. Red lentil dahl is one of the first foods introduced to a baby in India and enjoyed on a daily basis for healthy growth and development.

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