Ricotta Cheeze Premium PD Recipe

Creamy and mild in flavor just like I remember buying in the tub from the Italian deli before going vegan! I spooned it out onto fresh baked or toasted bread and topped it with herbs and tomato slices. When I was young, I enjoyed simple cottage cheese, but as my foodie preferences developed and cooking skills went international, I began to prefer ricotta’s tighter and creamier texture. I tossed it into hot pasta, baked with ziti, or seasoned it with garlic and herbs for lasagna. This plant-based protective recipe is a perfect mild creamy cheeze to decorate Flatbread Pizza, enjoy on toasted Whole Wheat Loaf Bread topped with Bruschetta, or season it with garlic and herbs for the most important layer in Homemade Lasagna. The options are endless, and it’s probiotic rich and protective for our body, the animals and our planet. Please share how you enjoyed Ricotta Cheeze in the Comments section below the recipe.


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