Roasted Grapes Premium PD Recipe

Roasted Grapes
I transformed early-season flavorless grapes into grape jelly flavor bombs with this quick grill and oven roast technique. Now that we live in the valley of the grapes, protective resveratrol surrounds us, and I am inspired to showcase grapes in exciting new ways. This idea takes grapes out of the bowl and serves them as a sticky-sweet treat with gourmet eye appeal. If you find yourself with flavorless grapes or want to make them irresistible, roast them. Serve them as a starter along with savory dips, crackers, bread, ferments, and roasted vegetables to build an epic Plant-Based Charcuterie Board. They are flavor bombs tossed into a salad and add brilliance to Roasted Grape Vinaigrette. I am excited to publish these grape-inspired recipes along with examples of how I’m enjoying Roasted Grapes grown in the high desert of southern Utah.


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