Roasted Green or Red Tomatoes Premium PD Recipe

My favorite and most overlooked roasted vegetable is the tomato. They are gorgeous, and the smell of tomatoes roasting is intoxicating. In the early and late summer, roasted green tomatoes are my favorite protective veggie, and in the winter, I have store-bought roasted red grape tomatoes on my plate. This dish adds a protective punch of vitamin C, K, and Tomatine or Lycopene, protecting my body from free radicles and oxidative stress; offering cellular protection from premature aging and cancer. When I have tomatoes, green or red, I pop them in my mini oven to add veg to rice Pro Bowls and color on top of tomato-free pasta dishes. Green tomatoes have an outstanding bright flavor that pairs well with roasted sweet onions for a gourmet side dish. Roasting red tomatoes adds rich umami flavor to Fat Free Fredo and Perfect Pesto Pasta. Wow you friends and family by showcasing these delicious beauties on a Plant-Based Charcuterie Board, Cheeze Ball platter, or serving them as a specialty side dish. Roasted Green Tomatoes are a perfect pair with Cornbread Under Pressure or anything corn. See the recipe Serving Suggestions for all my favorite ways to create a meal around this recipe on a Protective Diet.

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