Ruby Raw Kraut Premium PD Recipe

Probiotics are found naturally on the surface of all fruits and veggies. Use this sauerkraut recipe to make them multiply with a simple process called lacto-fermentation. It’s fun and inexpensive to make your own raw, fermented, dairy-free probiotics. The health food store shelves are lined with expensive little jars filled with unique combinations. Take this simple, inexpensive recipe and get creative. How about ginger, garlic, beet, cabbage kraut? After making your first jar of Ruby Raw Kraut you will see how easy, delicious and rewarding making homemade sauerkraut can be.

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  1. Hi Julie Marie,

    I made the Ruby Raw Kraut last night and I found that the cabbage was not covered by the liquid so I added more as you suggested.
    This morning I realised that it still was not covered so I mixed one tea spoon with eight table spoons of water and poured that on top.
    It is now covered, but have I ruined the recipe by doing this?

    Best Wishes,


  2. I have to say I don’t like sauerkraut or anything with cabbage that is sour. I reluctantly made this because I could not get over how easy it looked and thinking if it tasted good it would be a great way to get some probiotics into my system. I left it for six days and it was stinking my kitchen up so decided that was enough. Made two jars, One jar had about a quarter of an inch on the top that the cabbage turned a tannish color the other did not. Was not mold. I did add the extra salt and water to both. I removed the tannish cabbage and put them in the fridge and the next day after cooling I tasted it. Ugh, nasty! I have to say though, I made a sandwich with two slices of Ezekiel bread, sliced onion and Julie Marie’s pickled jalapeno’s (love these too) and I LOVED IT. Thank you Julie Marie for helping me to step out of my box.