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Salad Sauce Premium PD Recipe

My mother was known for her fresh salads. Her famous coleslaw accompanied her to every summer party. Her best salads were tossed heavily with a sweet and creamy dressing made with sugar, Hellman’s egg-based mayo, and water. She often stuffed her creamy-dressed salad into a warm El Milagro corn tortilla and enjoyed it while standing in the kitchen and keeping an eye on my taco melt under the broiler. My childhood taco melts were cheese-topped tortillas with sliced onions similar to our Protective Diet Taco Melts. Mom topped each one with her signature saucy lettuce salad that I adored. In the summer, she placed her garden tomatoes sliced like steaks on top. These ‘Jill tacos’ were always a veg-it-up hit around our casual lunch table. I had to recreate Mom’s quick-mix, sweet, eggy-mayo dressing to give my favorite ‘mom salad’ a Protective makeover. Heavily dressed salad served in Taco Melts with Instant Tomato Soup takes me home to the kitchen I loved most.

  • Salad Sauce Premium PD Recipe

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this “Salad Sauce“! It is a game changer for me in LOVING to eat Salads now! What a Treat this is! I have used it on salads, on a salad on a corn tortilla, and tonight I even put it on my “Jacked up “Pulled Pork” Sandwich”! Oh My…. YUMMM! I know this sauce will be a “staple” in my PD Fridge! “Thank You” Julie for creating this Amazing Salad Sauce! I LOVE it!