Salsa Criolla Premium PD Recipe

This Peruvian relish-style condiment is my new favorite obsession. Traditionally served with beans, rice, potatoes or on toast, it fits perfectly into a Protective Diet. This fresh flavored, beautiful and tangy topping will dress up the simplest starches. Onions are alliums and known for their cancer protection. This recipe will have you stocking up on red onions and savoring this special Peruvian topping filled with protection. Top a toasted Everything Bagel, a bowl of hot rice and beans, a Cheater Baked Potato, fill up a Soft Pocket Bread, or layer it on a taco or in a burrito bowl.


  1. I forgot about this recipe until Jerry reminded me that my history was on the site. Scrolling through I found where I linked this recipe – it is super simple and so tasty – thanks, Jerry!

  2. I made this recipe to go with Choripan sandwiches Argentinian chorizo) I was making for dinner and it was delicious…perfect on our sandwiches and after tasting it I know I will use it to top many, many other things as well!

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