Salsa Roja Free PD Recipe

Simple toasted chile de arbol pods and roasted tomatoes give this salsa deep flavor. Only four ingredients give this authentic salsa all it needs to become a regular recipe in your home.

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  1. This is the first time roasting peppers and making my own salsa. I really have been missing out because this salsa is Delicious! You can make it as spicy as you want and literally having it very mild is still scrumptious! From now on, I will be keeping this salsa in my frig!

  2. Just made a double batch of this salsa this morning. I use powdered arbol chilis and put in about a quarter o a teaspoon and that was plenty hot for my taste. Absolutely delicious!

  3. I used a mix of orange and red tomatoes and took them out of the oven before they were actually blackened (my smoke alarm persists in going off when I use my broiler even with the door closed). Still, so easy and really delicious. I love salsa and this is one of the easiest I’ve ever made. I put a whole head of garlic on the pan with everything else and then threw that in the salsa. I’ll be making this again.

  4. I tried this today using the recommendations listed above.^^ I used a can of fire roasted tomatoes and kept all the other ingredients the same. OMG ! My mouth is on fire right now! Delicious!! If course I love spicy food… I do live in TEXAS! :)) try this… You won’t be disappointed! Have your glass of water close by.. Lol!

  5. I made this for the first time last weekend and now I can’t stop thinking about it. This salsa is amazing!! Planning to make it again this weekend. Can’t wait! Thanks, Julie.

  6. The first time I made this, I didn’t read the instructions well, and I didn’t roast the tomatoes first. It was so good, but this time, after roasting the tomatoes, it was even better! I’m exercising control and hiding it until tomorrow when I know that the flavors will be amazing!

  7. I made this today for the first time. After reading the comments above, I decided to use the fire roasted tomatoes as well. I threw in a whole clove of garlic, a handful of unchopped cilantro and about 4 arbol chilis (untoasted). I left out the salt because there was some salt in the canned tomatoes. I lightly blended it in the Vitamix, poured in a bowl and added some diced onion. So good, quick and easy. My husband loved the heat, tastes a lot like salsa at a good Mexican restaurant. This will be a staple at our house from now on!

    1. Wendy, It is my favorite and I have my friend and student Evelia Cruz to thank. She taught me all I know about traditional Mexican Salsa, enchilada sauces and chilies. If you like this one try the Salsa Molcajete and Salsa Verde! I can’t go a day without one of them.

  8. I made this salsa again last night, but it was the first time I had used the Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomatoes. I actually found the flavor better than roasting my own grapes tomatoes! I don’t think you can go wrong either way, still a very good flavor all the way around. It gets to the point that I find myself eating the salsa with a spoon. It’s THAT good!

  9. I just made this but went the extremely lazy way – canned fire roasted tomatoes and crushed red pepper flakes instead of the chiles. I added a lot of cilantro, too (never enough in my book)! It was awesome yesterday and even better today when the flavors had blended. It tasted like restaurant salsa and it took me 25 seconds to make!

  10. Better than restaurant quality! That is the only way to describe this salsa. Best part of this recipe, its simplicity! Only 4 ingredients if you leave out the salt! Before Julie’s recipe I had never roasted my own chilies. Now I keep a big bag of arbols, along with Guajillo and Ancho chilies in my pantry for salsas and sauces (enchilada) because they are so quick and easy to make.

    I seem to make the Salsa Roja on a weekly basis, of course there is never enough, but I try to keep the salsa on hand, as it can top many different foods. I have made the recipe both ways, with roasted cherry tomatoes as well as with canned fire roasted tomatoes. Both ways are excellent, probably a bit better with the cherry tomatoes, as I did notice the sodium content of the canned tomatoes, to which I didn’t add any salt to the recipe.

    I usually make a double batch along with a big mound of baked tortilla chips. The salsa is good right out of the blender, but the flavors really blend nicely together in the days that follow. It’s not watered down like some recipes I have made before. The spice can easily be controlled by the number of arbol pods you roasted. I like it spicy, so I usually double or triple the number of pods I use.

    This is an easy 5 out of 5 star recipe. You want a good, healthy salsa, look no further!

    1. I use them in the Not yo Cheeze Sauce, Szechuan Green Beans, Un Fried Black Beans, Chipotle Mayo, Red Enchiladas and Mexican Mac n Cheeze. If you have an ingredient you’d like to use you can put it in the search box in the upper right corner on any recipe page on Protective Diet. It will list all recipes that contain that ingredient. I love those chilies! I hope you enjoy them too!

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