Oil-Free Gluten-Free Samosas Premium PD Recipe

Samosas are triangular pastry pillows filled with protective spices, potatoes and peas, originally from Southern Asia. These deep-fried egg-roll-like snacks traditionally served with tea made their way to India to become a street food delicacy. On a Protective Diet we showcase the samosa’s protective ingredients, texture and flavor with an oil-free and gluten-free recipe that has us enjoying India’s #1 snack unabashedly. We are enjoying them as a main dish, or as a party starter served with exciting sugar-free Tamarind Chutney and Plant-Based Yogurt. With this innovative recipe, we celebrate global traditions and flavors that fit into a lifestyle showcasing a diet of protection for humans, animals, and our planet.

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  1. This recipe is fantastic…a must try! The filling is perfectly spiced and delicious, and the outside is a wonderful combination of crispy and chewy. Watch the instructional video on how to roll the Samosas and you will quickly get the technique down….do not miss out on this wonderful recipe!

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