Sauerkraut Toast Premium PD Recipe

Slim down and veg-it-up with me. Enjoy my favorite fast, low-calorie, high-fiber, living food toast topper. The trend to smash calorically dense high-fat avocados on toast is a weight loss-inhibiting practice. It is trending along with the false narrative that a high-fat diet is healthy. Ruby Raw 7-Day Sauerkraut made as directed adds fresh pickled probiotic protection to all my savory meals. With Protective Diet recipes we can easily assemble a weekly loaf of whole wheat bread maker bread to be sliced and stored in the refrigerator. This cold treatment in the fridge or freezer transforms the bread‘s starch energy into healthy microbe preferred fuel. This fuel is called resistant starch. High in fiber, resistant starch travels undigested into our lower bowel to feed our resident microbes. It is their preferred fuel to digest and ferment to feed us anti-inflammatory butyrate. When we eat high-fat foods and skimp on fiber we feed and promote unhealthy microbes and starve our fiber-dependent healing microbes. Fiber-dependent microbes are resilient, but when low-fiber, high-fat processed food is our diet these good microbes will eat our epithelium (gut wall) in lieu of fiber to survive. The focus on fat consumption and lack of fiber to fuel our anti-inflammatory producing microbes has caused an epidemic of leaky gut dysbiosis. This has caused the rise in allergies, food sensitivities, obesity, and inflammatory disease. Just one serving of Sauerkraut Toast with high-fiber seasonal toppings will fuel your healthy microbes with the variety they require to serve and protect you with anti-inflammatory, short-chain fatty acids. Protective Diet recipes and kitchen systems make healthy living mindless, manageable, and, most of all, delicious to build and maintain a healthy microbiome for a lifetime of wellness.


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