Sawmill Country Gravy Premium PD Recipe

This traditional southern breakfast dates back to the early years of America and was also called camp gravy. It was thick and made from sausage drippings, served over biscuits or grits at logging camps in the pine forests of the south to satisfy hungry lumberjacks that accused the resident cooks of thickening it with sawdust. Protective Diet remade this American classic with a rich, stick-to-your-ribs sausage bits texture and flavor of the original. Plant-based Sawmill Gravy improves blood flow and provides healthy high energy, unlike the original that should have been named saturated fat gravy. A perfect easy-prep meal choice when extended energy to run a marathon or run a household is needed.


  1. This recipe is so yummy! The flavor of the gravy is so rich. It seems like a lot of steps but truly it’s so simple. Make the quinoa, while that’s cooking you make the biscuits. Then Bam! Blend the gravy and serve on the hot biscuits! WOW! I think this gravy would be awesome over potatoes or pasta.

  2. I have been following the PD 100% for about 3 weeks now but on the PD a month today. I have lost 7 lbs so far. I find it funny how some of us “doubting Thomas’” pass up some recipes that look good but can’t imagine being so with the ingredients listed. I’ve done that several times myself then finally give in and try them.

    Julie, I sing your praises! You certainly have a gift from God remaking recipes that mimic the tried and true from our childhoods. This recipe I hesitated on ends up being my favorite! This gravy and drop biscuits were so easy to make and more than satisfying.

    I come from a family of 9 children and I am third to the oldest. My mom often made a lot of what was called poorhouse gravy from just flour (white all purpose), salt, pepper and water. She would brown the flour and a little water until it was close to burning (like your dry sautéed onions) this would give it flavor and the same darker color of this gravy. This Sawmill Country (and I was born and raised in the country in Ohio) Gravy of your creation tastes so much like moms. Her drop biscuits she serviced it on was also so similar to yours except again she used white flour. I am so very happy with the outcome of the two of these that I will be making these often. My thanks and hats off to you Julie! Please keep it up.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience and story of your mother’s biscuits and gravy. Congratulations on your commitment to eat for optimal health with a Protective Diet. Enjoy and succeed! xo

  3. I steamed some greens (Swiss chard), mushrooms, and green onions and filled a big bowl. Then put in 2 Corn biscuits and then topped with lots of gravy. Soooooo good! What a wonderful sauce for ancomfort food dish!

  4. Made this today for breakfast. I didn’t have low sodium tamari so used the regular but think it tasted fine. Big hit with my family! I like my gravy “peppery” so added a little extra black pepper. YUM.
    Thanks Julie Marie for another great and tasty recipe. PD STRONG.

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